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V9m Back from Repair!

by on Nov.05, 2008, under Uncategorized

Motorola RAZR2 V9m

Motorola RAZR2 V9m

My RAZR2 V9m has returned from the Motorola Repair Facility…
They sent me a completely new phone! The one I sent out was manufactured in Week 49 of 2007, and the one they sent back was manufactured in Week 39 of 2008!
It was marked as a Sprint phone but it had the US Cellular firmware on it. I flashed it over to DST and then Telus and it’s now active and completely working on my account, despite Verizon’s best efforts to keep me from it.
(Hint: *228 option 3 will activate any valid device on any account.)

The screen isn’t actually that staticy; I digitally enhanced this picture in The GIMP.

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Lying to the Verizon Guy

by on Oct.06, 2008, under Uncategorized

I got my new phone a couple days ago (a RAZR2 V9m)! OH MY GOD! IT’S INCREDIBLE!
It was originally a Sprint phone, but I flashed it to the Verizon software on the way to the mall.
So, we’re about to leave the mall, and I decide to try to get it activated on my account. The Verizon guy at the booth is busy, so we wait a little.
He comes around to help us; I ask, find out I need my mom’s social security number (last 4) since she owns the account technically. Okay, that’s fine. I call her, get that over with.
I hand him the phone.

VZW Guy looks phone over and notices the battery cover.
This is a Sprint phone.
The battery cover was a replacement.
Ah, alright.
VZW Guy fights to get the battery out.
Where’d you get this battery?
Ah. Okay. [He gets battery off] This is a Sprint phone. Says so right here.
The entire body was a replacement.
I’ll be surprised if this works. I’ll try it, but I’ll really be surprised.

He’s working, I make a loud comment to Heather about Verizon opening up their network to allow other carriers’ phones. He interjects: “Not yet. Next year.”

It won’t work.
VZW Guy tries various numbers, to little success.
This is a Sprint phone.
I know.
If you told me that earlier, we could have saved some of this trouble. We can’t activate it. I suggest you sell it on eBay or something.
VZW Guy puts the phone back together, turns it on. Verizon Wireless logo pops up!
What did you do, make your own phone?!
[Admitting the Obvious] I flashed it.

Fun fun, but you can’t lie to Verizon Guy! He knows all!
I can’t blame him; he’s a trained drone.

Later, I call tech support, tell a lie about the tech telling me that it could be added to their DMD (Device Management Database); they try to activate it and fail (Very nice peppy girl whose name I can’t remember; also this guy named Anton or Anthony or something similar who was completely awesome.)
He put in a ticket and they’re adding it to the database.

Major props to the VZW call center techs! Booth guy wouldn’t do that! 😛

Flashed my phone over to Generic, and will get the Verizon data in there myself. Screw using backed up data! (You need to back up the Verizon data and apply it to a flash to get everything working; texts, web, apps, etc.)


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