I decided to install Vista.

by on Sep.16, 2008, under Annoyances, Windows

I attempted to install Vista (Really Windows 2008 Server Standard) once-
On my 12 GB partition.
It said “This drive requires at least 9978 MB free!”
Alright, I figure that’s fine and reformat it; there are well over 12000 MB free.
It then says “Windows suggests that you have at least 17000 MB free on this drive.”
I figure again that that’s okay, it’s just a suggestion!
Apparently not. “Windows could not find any suitable drives.”
That was some weeks ago.

Today, I tried again (new hard drive, 30 GB windows partition, etc.)
The install completes without a hitch.
Then, I start installing drivers. 300 megs worth of drivers. Wonderful! (This is still downloading, btw.)
Sounds worked out of the box, so did my touchpad + scroll and cardreader, it was pretty amazing.

Windows shuts off when I close the laptop (like, when the phone rings and I have to check the caller ID)- Minor annoyance.
Windows asks me for permission to do EVERYTHING- Minor annoyance.
I disabled Administrator and made my account the administrator (just so there weren’t two). Fine.

I’m apparently not allowed to shut the computer off?
“Restart [tooltip: This power option has been disabled by the administrator.]”
Excuse me? I am the administrator, and I sure as hell did NOT disable this.

Internet Explorer comes pre-configured in super anal high security mode!
“Internet explorer wants to warn you about going to”
“Internet explorer will not allow you to download this file from”
[Repeat last message for 15 different firefox mirrors: I add one of them to the whitelist and click 15 more times until I get lucky and it tries to use the one I whitelisted.]
Annoyingly enough, I CAN’T DISABLE THIS MODE!
Screw IE.

I’ll have more updates as time goes on (Still getting everything set up and downloaded and such. Jesus.)

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  • Dustin Sollick

    wget FTW!

    Screw IE! Couldn’t you get the URL from Judas and then type it into the terminal? Or better yet, download the installation files on Judas and transfer them over?

    Then again, IE being that way from the start has to be pretty effing annoying anyway, though it’s not like you’d ever use it.

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